Letter from Editor

Polyphony Student Journal is the first student-run literary platform at Okayama University’s liberal arts program, Discovery Program for Global Learners (GDP).

Polyphony was formed as a means to showcase GDP students’ interests and talents in writing as well as their ability in critical thinking. The journal is aimed to be the channel that connects the students with the wider world through their works and passions. We provide content that can fit through different fields and interests in the effort to represent the diverse nature of the students in the Discovery Program for Global Learners.

The word “polyphony” means “music in which several different tunes are played or sung at the same time.” The word is the embodiment of the team who brought the student journal together as well as the students of our program. Although it may sound rather pretentious, there doesn’t seem to be any other word that can describe how Polyphony’s team, with each person’s unique point of views, has cooked this journal up together creating a harmonious collection of works.

Polyphony Student Journal is manned by students who collaborate in writing, editing, and illustrating. Polyphony is a joint effort to produce high-quality content for the readers.

Kind regards,
Mattie Balagat
Editor-in-Chief for Fall 2021- Summer 2022