Academic Papers

Fermented Cultural Anthropology

“Natto is one notable food in Japanese cuisine. The characteristics of natto are its “rotten” smell and its stickiness; some people dislike Natto because of these characteristics, and my father is not an exception.” Ayari Tanimoto explores the entanglement of food and identity by paying close attention to life of nattos.

Academic Papers Jnifar Gillur Yumi

The Fight Surrounding Immigration Policies at Home

Jnifar Gillur Yumi describes current refugee policy in Germany and explores what role differential inclusion plays in society and what hinders the goals of integration projects.

Academic Papers Le Ngan Ha Dieu

Visuals and Society: The Mind Thinks What the Eyes See

From the early era of television and newspaper domination to the explosion of social media, visual-based publicity has had fundamental effects on the minds of mankind. In this paper, Le Ngan Ha Dieu argues that visual publicity now is sometimes only what we aspire for, not entirely representing our reality.

Academic Papers Forrest Maynock Movie

Struggling Along in Seattle

This three part article will explore Seattle, Washington in two different time periods, from two different documentary styles, and view the differences and similarities between the homeless street people of then versus more contemporary street denizens. This piece will also explore the notion of self and how it may become lost to those dwelling on the streets.

Academic Papers Genki Hase

Suzu, Her ‘Self’, and Her Illness

This illness narrative is an intentionally incomplete and open-ended work that attempts to create a dialogue with a girl called Suzu through the lens of illness and suffering.