Academic Papers Essay Nguyen Kieu An

 Narratives of a South Vietnamese Father and a Laotian Mother: 

On Memories of War and Transnational Perspectives of Life by Nguyen Kieu An Vietnam embodied the battleground for one of the most brutal and destructive wars between Western imperial powers and the people of Asia, Africa, and Latin America (Espiritu, 2014). Yet, “so much is told about Vietnam, and so little is understood” (Nguyen, 2016) […]

Creative Writing Essay Kayla Guevara

A Living Past – Creative Prelude

Author: Kayla Guevara It is September 23, 1972. My family members rustle around the house, the neighborhood dogs are making their presence known, and the rhythmic static of the radio plays its tune. I greet the breeze knocking against my window, the sun peeking through the dancing linen curtains, and the thin layer of sweat […]

Academic Papers

Fermented Cultural Anthropology

“Natto is one notable food in Japanese cuisine. The characteristics of natto are its “rotten” smell and its stickiness; some people dislike Natto because of these characteristics, and my father is not an exception.” Ayari Tanimoto explores the entanglement of food and identity by paying close attention to life of nattos.


Issue 3 is now Online!

Polyphony Student Journal’s Issue 3 is now available!

Haruna Miyagawa Interviews Mattie Balagat

Putting Yourself Out There: A conversation on social science research and its realities — Part 1

What could diving deep into ethnographic fieldwork, a key tool of social science research, look like? What to do with the academic pressure of “objectivity”, the baggage of bias and emotions, and the responsibilities social science researchers carry in today’s world? Mattie Balagat, a clueless GDP student interested in pursuing anthropological research, seeks answers to such questions [which may or may not be answered] through conversations with Professor Haruna Miyagawa.