Academic Papers Jnifar Gillur Yumi

The Fight Surrounding Immigration Policies at Home

Jnifar Gillur Yumi describes current refugee policy in Germany and explores what role differential inclusion plays in society and what hinders the goals of integration projects.

Academic Papers Le Ngan Ha Dieu

Visuals and Society: The Mind Thinks What the Eyes See

From the early era of television and newspaper domination to the explosion of social media, visual-based publicity has had fundamental effects on the minds of mankind. In this paper, Le Ngan Ha Dieu argues that visual publicity now is sometimes only what we aspire for, not entirely representing our reality.

Creative Writing Essay Kayla Guevara


Untitled essay written by Kayla Guevara

Entertainment Movie Nguyen Manh Quoc Trung

94th Academy Award for Best Picture – CODA (2021): Melodies From the Heart

More than just a feel-good film, CODA revolves around Ruby, a CODA (child of deaf adults), and her deaf fishermen family. Having a great passion for music and singing, something her parents know next to nothing about, Ruby has to choose where her values lie the most.

book Entertainment Natsuki Noguchi

The Interpreter of Maladies – Review

“Interpreter of Maladies” illustrates the dangerous romanticism between a young mother and the family’s tour guide on their vacation in India, implying various themes connected to gender expectations. This critical analysis will focus on such depictions of traditional gender roles and their disparities through the thoughts and actions of the two main characters.