Polyphony Issue 2 is Out!

With the help and support of many people, we were finally able to publish the second issue of Polyphony. Access our newest work!

Academic Papers Academic Writing Genki Hase



Entertainment Movie Nguyen Manh Quoc Trung

Millennium Actress – How far would you go to find lost love?

Millennium Actress (2001) by Japanese director Satoshi Kon is a beautifully animated love story that spans across millennia, yet is also confined within the small screen that is cinema and serves to demonstrate the ultimate power of movies as a narrative device.

Creative Writing Forrest Maynock Short story

Ultimate Prevention – A short story 

A dystopian short story on healthcare and the pandemic by our Editor-in-Chief Forrest Maynock.

Academic Papers Academic Writing Jnifar Gillur Yumi

Afghanistan: A Graveyard of Gender Equality

Afghanistan has earned the nickname “Graveyard of Empires,” which hint at how hard Afghanistan is to control and govern. However, the country is not just a graveyard of empires but a graveyard of gender inequality as well. Jnifar Yumi explores and explains the state of women’s standing in the Afghan society in this paper, as well as other factors.