Creative Writing Short story Taichi Inoue

或る奴隷の道徳 (The Morality for A Slave)


Creative Writing Forrest Maynock Short story

Crisis – A Short Story

A Sci-Fi short story from Forrest about a man who awakens to find himself alone on spaceship with an urge to escape.

Academic Papers Creative Writing Risa Akiyama

Second Best but Never Enough – A Short Story

This story depicts a life of a young African American boy who is in his second year of high school. After the global pandemic hit, his parents are constantly busy with their night shift at Stevenson Hospital. In this story, we see the dark reality of social inequality in today’s world and how the spread of Covid-19 makes this disaster visible.

Creative Writing Japan Nguyen Manh Quoc Trung Okayama

It All Started With The Boiling Of The Great Pots…

A short story about Ramen, making Ramen, enjoying Ramen, and above all the love for food