Polyphony Issue 2 is Out!

With the help and support of many people, we were finally able to publish the second issue of Polyphony. Access our newest work!

With the help and support of many people, we were finally able to publish the second issue of Polyphony. Access our newest work from the link below!

Letter from the Editor

Polyphony in print form is back, and with
improvements on every level.

This time around we have put a lot of emphasis on making a visually appealing product that not only catches the eye, but also tickles the brain. Compared to our first attempt at this we have all learned valuable lessons and strived to improve upon our past mistakes.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a special shoutout to our two layout team members Mattie Balagat and Kayla Guevara, without you this would all be impossible; you two bring life and excitement to an otherwise dry experience, and your commitment and creativity have not gone unnoticed.

I also want to give special thanks to who can only be described as my second in command at this point, Mạnh Quốc Trung, who has put many stressful hours into maintaining and collecting articles for our blog which also doubles as the resource pool for this very issue. It is a tedious job, and without you there would be no content, and no interest from the outside.

The Global Discovery Program has also changed much since our last issue. Our director has changed, our first batch of students have graduated, and Zoom has destroyed our lives. Moving forward I hope and pray that there is some semblance of a return to normalcy upon this issue’s publication.

As editor and chief it has been a wild and rocky journey to get to this point in time, and it is time for me to step aside to put more focus into my final year of studies, but the two and a half years I was able to put into this student run journal have been quite the experience. I will continue to write content for the blog and the upcoming third print issue of Polyphony, but my days in a leadership role are over.

The student journal and blog will be in competent hands moving forward with our layout editor, Mattie Balagat, taking the reins.

The world is a crazy place, and there are many crazy things to write about. Simply looking at my own list of articles and topics that I plan to write, I think that the third print issue of Polyphony will be a great success.

Thank you to all the readers, and thank you to all the staff.

Forrest Maynock
Editor-in-Chief (as of September, 2021)

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