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Kim Ji-Young, Born 1982: An Insight to Women’s Life in South Korea

Kim Ji-Young, Born 1982 (2019) is a film about women’s struggles as they face gender inequality in and outside the comfort of their own homes.

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Suicide: A Dialectic Relationship between the Personal and Social

This article combines a personal storytelling and the author’s reflection on academic literature that ponders around the idea of “suicide” and the agency of the person committing the act.

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A Day in the Country’s Kitchen, Osaka!

Osaka is one of the pride and joy of Japan. Being Japan’s second-largest metropolitan area, Osaka can be pretty intimidating for beginner traveler. Still, it’s not impossible to fully experience the “country’s kitchen” in one day. In fact, it could even be a fun challenge!

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Parasite: The Rightful Owner of the 2020 Oscars Best Picture

The 2020 Academy Award was a groundbreaking moment for foreign language films and filmmakers. The star of the night was Parasite (2019), a movie full of metaphors that took the world by storm and was arguably the long-awaited rightful owner for Oscars Best Picture.

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The Forgotten Influence of Post-War Japanese Films in Hollywood

Hollywood has long been getting the endless praises for great quality movies. But have you ever noticed that some of those films are not exactly original? A lot of well-known Hollywood films and filmmakers were actually influenced by Post-War Japanese Films. The only issue is that most people don’t know the inspiration behind those Hollywood remakes.